Hey everyone so this is a different type of post, I didn't go out and go on an adventure, but yesterday was definitely an adventure to me.  I was able to do something I never thought I would be able to so I figured I would share it one here! You're probably like "so you … Continue reading Vacancy

A Week in Review 2/19/17- 2/26/17

And there goes another week!  It's been a good one with lots of working out and meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends! This week I ran almost everyday and most days I ran my friend Matt came along with me.  We also went to the gym a few times together.  It was nice … Continue reading A Week in Review 2/19/17- 2/26/17


Okay I'll admit when my friend told me their was a salsa night I got really excited thinking it was chips and salsa. Have I mentioned before I love food? Well I REALLY do (seriously ask my boyfriend where his money goes). So I got really excited but my friend had to tell me it … Continue reading SALSA NIGHT

Hydro Massages and Late Night Work Outs!

Tonight my friend Matt and I hit up Planet Fitness to start working out together.  We decided earlier today that we would start working out together this week (while we continued to walk 6 laps around the track). I got a text from him asking to go (after I ate my weight in chips and … Continue reading Hydro Massages and Late Night Work Outs!

Bear’s Den Hike

The best part about this school? Once you go out of town a bit you can see mountains for miles and there's hike galore! This time my friend, Emily and I drove 20 minutes up route 7 until we hit the Bear's Den trail.  It's a known trail around here and most people have done … Continue reading Bear’s Den Hike

A Week in Review 2/12/17-2/19/17

Hey guys so since I'm on here more I'm going to start doing a weekly review/reflection! I figured I'm about to embark on a whole new journey in life, why not share it outside of my journal!?  This new journey I speak of is me really going out and in a way finding myself in … Continue reading A Week in Review 2/12/17-2/19/17


Why is everyone so scared to talk about their vaginas? Well the girls in this performance sure weren't!  The vagina monologues is probably my favorite performance to go to every year. It's a show about why women shouldn't be afraid or ashamed of themselves and their vaginas, it's a part of who they are. Not … Continue reading VAGINA MONOLOGUES!!!!

Crossfit Day 2!

I went to my second day of crossfit tonight!  It was still a lot of the basics but we incorporated weights this time! I enjoyed it a lot again and this time there was another girl there (yay girls)! We also did some competitive stuff which was great for me, just getting off a sports … Continue reading Crossfit Day 2!

Cross fit day 1!

As I mentioned before I'm newly a NARP (non athletic regular person). This only happened a few days ago and the first thing my mother said when I told her I'm off the lacrosse team is "you like food, you're going to get fat." So to stay skinny (and in my mothers good graces) I'm … Continue reading Cross fit day 1!

Mall Adventure!

Even though I didn't go to a new spot or somewhere cool I did hit up the mall tonight with some friends and everything's an adventure with my big (Emily) and I!  We went so my other friend and I could do our marketing project of observing people at the mall (if you saw us, … Continue reading Mall Adventure!