Pole Dancing and Twirling

Trying something new is never easy, especially when all growing up you were the best athlete in the room and then all of a sudden switched gears and started doing all new activities.  Well that's been me these past couple months without lacrosse.  And tonight I took it to a whole new level.  I tried … Continue reading Pole Dancing and Twirling

Bronzed Roses in D.C.

Hey everyone! I know I've been a little MIA recently (a lot has happened in my personal life) but I'm back! This weekend I took the trip to D.C. (about an hour and a half away) to go to a journalism job fair at Georgetown University.  It was really cool and I was in a … Continue reading Bronzed Roses in D.C.

Feeling Inspired

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my best friend and her brother and we talked about running and traveling because well that's what he does.  He was pretty cool and we all talked about doing the Disney Half Marathon next year! I am super pumped and excited to try to get to 13.1 miles … Continue reading Feeling Inspired

Week in Review 2/27/17 – 3/5/17

I'm currently writing this post while attempting to defrost in my boyfriends sweatshirt (best part about relationships) and under two blankets.  Why you ask? I just won the championships for intramural frisbee at school!!!! WOOHOO! I'm really excited because it is my first time playing an intramural sport but my brother, Mike (he's a cool … Continue reading Week in Review 2/27/17 – 3/5/17

We’re All the Same

Before you start thinking this post will get political (I'm really not a political person) I'll let you know I mean artists, there's no higher meaning here. A Master's class was held for the dance class my writing class is paired with today.  It was a dance company from New York City (represent!) that came … Continue reading We’re All the Same


Hey everyone so this is a different type of post, I didn't go out and go on an adventure, but yesterday was definitely an adventure to me.  I was able to do something I never thought I would be able to so I figured I would share it one here! You're probably like "so you … Continue reading Vacancy

A Week in Review 2/19/17- 2/26/17

And there goes another week!  It's been a good one with lots of working out and meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends! This week I ran almost everyday and most days I ran my friend Matt came along with me.  We also went to the gym a few times together.  It was nice … Continue reading A Week in Review 2/19/17- 2/26/17

Hydro Massages and Late Night Work Outs!

Tonight my friend Matt and I hit up Planet Fitness to start working out together.  We decided earlier today that we would start working out together this week (while we continued to walk 6 laps around the track). I got a text from him asking to go (after I ate my weight in chips and … Continue reading Hydro Massages and Late Night Work Outs!

A Week in Review 2/12/17-2/19/17

Hey guys so since I'm on here more I'm going to start doing a weekly review/reflection! I figured I'm about to embark on a whole new journey in life, why not share it outside of my journal!?  This new journey I speak of is me really going out and in a way finding myself in … Continue reading A Week in Review 2/12/17-2/19/17