Norway Day 1!!!!!

I made it!! I took my 7 hour that turned into 9+ hour (brake had to be fixed) flight into Norway yesterday! It was a long day and I was super tired and confused by what day it was (time zones man) so I kinda just passed out, after I ate of course.


Today we headed out to our first big day on the job!  It was Mussikfest here in Oslo, which means over 400 bands played on over 50 stages!  We had our passes and cameras ready and headed out all over the city taking pictures and interviewing bands and listeners.

Being at a small school with a tiny (four) staff, you don’t get the real feel a lot.  Today I got the real feel.  I would walk right up to the front holding my camera and people would just let me pass.  Walk backstage acting like I own the place and they’d let me pass.  I even got us into a show, passed the line by saying we’re reporters to the bouncers and talked them into letting us in.

When I got into the rooftop bar I was told to act as if I own the place, just a level down from Trump.  So I did.

For a measly 20-year-old that can’t (legally) go to bars in the States, going to a rooftop bar was pretty insane.  We went up and it was PACKED.  But with my New York skills I pushed through to the front and made it to the DJ who was rockin’ the 90’s and 2000’s jams.

IMG_1922Everyone was super plastered and got excited when they saw the camera and everyone kept trying to get pictures taken.  I also got grabbed quite a few times but had to push them all away, after all I am on the job!  Everyone was super respectful though and I made it through with no spilt alcohol on my camera!

Then I met back up with the rest of the group and we headed to the metal stage, aye aye!  I went to do my band interview and ended up interviewing two bands at once!  Who invited us to their show Friday and are giving us passes to it too!

This Norway trip is off to a great start, my classmates are awesome and our house is beautiful!  We have an off day to explore tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what’s in store this time!

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