Wild Bills and the Largest Jack in the Box

This is a place I went exactly a year ago but in honor of the late Wild Bill we’ll kick off Fridays (whoops Sunday) with his legacy.

IMG_1622Wild Bills Nostalgia Center is a little shop and funhouse in good ole’ Middletown, CT.  My friends and I drove up there to see the “World’s Largest Jack in the Box” on the Wild Bills grounds.  We saw this was the weirdest attraction in our state, CT (I like to pretend I live there).

We took some pictures with cars outside and headed into the Nostalgia Center.  There were records and memorabilia from every decade.  ET galore! And there was an 18+ section where you could see the porn your dad used to watch.  IMG_9359

Then we took a trip into the bookstore because, well, it’s me and all I care about are books.  There was a building just for all of their old books.

Wild Bill’s legacy is still in tact in the middle of Connecticut and will always be a must for roadside attractions.  Everyone who works there is super nice and friendly and will talk to you about all the collectibles.


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