Hot Yoga with the People

What’s the best thing to do on my last night home in New York?  Go to the city for a workout with my dad obviously!  So this week we decided to take on hot yoga.  Not Bikram just regular vinyasa in a super hot room in the middle of the city.

I used to do yoga a lot in town until I broke my elbow (I was a dummy too excited for food) so when my dad asked me to come down I was like ‘hell yeah dude, I’ll be fine.’  Boy was I wrong.

We did a class by Bryant Park by Yoga for the People.  It was an hour long in about 100* heat.

First off, I couldn’t focus on the movements because all I could think about was how much I was sweating.  Pretty gross I know.

Second, there was so many people crammed in one tiny room.  Literally no space between mats, I was basically holding hands with the lady in front of me.

Third, why the hell do you need to pay extra for a mat when you’re already paying for class?  I’ll stick to hanging in the suburbs where everything (mat and towel) are included.

Lastly, I’m sure you love what you do, but I enjoy yoga better when the instructor does it with the class instead of saying different poses leaving us to guess what she means.

I’m sure this works for most people (it was cheap anyway) but I think I’m going to stick to doing normal vinyasa yoga in the ‘burbs.

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