Guess Who’s Back!

It’s me! If you didn’t guess that.  I’ve been off for a while now with the semester winding down and trying to turn all my finals in on time (turned one in at 11:58 when it was due at 11:59).  It’s been a hectic couple months but I’m back and have new ideas for the page.

I went to this break out speaker during the Business Symposium at my school and he gave me some great ideas on how to keep this blog going so here’s the plan:

First off I’m sticking with the weekly reflections on Sunday because it’s a good way to collect my thoughts from the week.

Second, I’m going to post abandoned places once a week.  So every Tuesday will be my weekly abandoned place I’ve been to or want to go to.  It’d be cool to have a name for it but I’m not creative enough so if you are, hit me up as the kids would say these days (yes, I know I’m still a kid).

Third, 1001 places to go.  Will I reach that number?  Probably not but it seems like a good number to use, probably because I grew up on 1001 Ways to Die.  This will be much more pleasant though.  Every Friday I’ll do a cool place or trip or adventure to go on.

Fourth, wow we getting up there.  Hike of the Week! Start it back up (wasn’t really ever started but shhh). Every Monday we’ll start the week off right with a hike I’ve done or want to do.  Hopefully most are one’s I’ve done.

I will also keep posting other things I’m doing throughout the week like concerts and different workouts I’m trying! And next month I’ll be in Norway so I will post about that!

Well here’s to a new era on here!

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