Pole Dancing and Twirling

Trying something new is never easy, especially when all growing up you were the best athlete in the room and then all of a sudden switched gears and started doing all new activities.  Well that’s been me these past couple months without lacrosse.  And tonight I took it to a whole new level.  I tried a pole dancing.

Okay let me clarify a bit, my friend has been pole dancing for years and we’ve talked about me tagging along before and today I got the fateful text “want to come to pole tonight?”  Well if anyone knows me, they know I could never shy away from a new challenge, especially a work out challenge.  So I was like “yeah dude.”

So the first like 20 minutes, not bad.  Did the warm up, wasn’t flexible enough for most warm up moves but it’s okay.  Then we broke and everyone was supposed to work on whatever they’ve been working on.  They started climbing and flipping upside down!  I just stood there.  The instructor was super nice and started teaching me beginner turns and I started getting the hang of them!  But it was definitely a new feeling not being the best in the room.

Even though it was a new and awkward feeling for me, I’m glad I felt it.  My mom told me “when one door closes, another opens” when I told her I was off lacrosse.  The open door is the door to all of these feelings and activities I’ve never experienced before.  Breaking free from what I’ve always known.  Yes I’ll always love lacrosse and love the feeling I got whenever I got another award or made the game winning save, but it’s important to learn how to start from the bottom again.  For lacrosse, I was never the bottom (not to be conceited or anything), it was that thing that came naturally to me, I always made the team and I was always starter and I was always the all star.  Now I’m learning that life doesn’t just come easily, I’m a regular ole’ person and I need to work for what I truly want instead of just cruising through knowing I’m good but not bettering myself and working towards anything.

I’m not saying pole dancing is what I need to put my heart and soul into and be the best at, but even as my college career nears to an end, I need to work to get a job and make myself someone.  I can’t be living off my Dad forever and I realize that and now I know what it is like to be at the bottom and how important it is to work.

I hope I can do more classes and flip upside down like the other girls and move my hips in circles (like seriously I’m Puerto Rican I should be able to move my hips) and work my way up to be someone better while simultaneously bettering myself.

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