Bronzed Roses in D.C.

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been a little MIA recently (a lot has happened in my personal life) but I’m back!

This weekend I took the trip to D.C. (about an hour and a half away) to go to a journalism job fair at Georgetown University.  It was really cool and I was in a little bit of shock but it’s all good!  I was at the job fair for about an hour and talked to everyone I wanted to but most places were looking for graduating seniors (only one more year).  At least I got to learn what it is like a year before I actually need to get crackin!

Since I paid $12 (so much cheaper than NY) to park my car all day I decided to look at foursquare and see what was around!  After all it is our capital! I found out that the Women’s Art Museum was only .5 miles away so I took the short walk over.

IMG_1071I paid $8 (student rate) to get in a have full access walking around the museum.   I decided to go to the museum because I read an essay earlier this year that talked about being awakened by art in the same sense we are by words.  Being a writer, I understand others writings and am moved by their words but art I have just never understood.  But music and paintings are all art just different types of expression.  I have been trying to understand art for a long time now and have been looking more and more into this year since reading that essay.  But still didn’t seem to understand it.

I was walking through the art museum and thought every painting and sculpture was cool but I didn’t FEEL it.  I made it all the way up to the top floor feeling a little defeated thinking I will never be a true artist if I don’t understand another form of art.  That was all until I turned the corner and saw it.  It being Bronzed Roses by Patricia Tobacco Forrester.

It was a huge, vibrant painting of roses.  Something so simple yet so beautiful.  It awakened something in me.  A rebirth.  I thought this painting fit well into my life being that it just turned spring and spring is a rebirth of live (flowers) and people see it as a time to start over.  For me it is the beginning of spring and my long term relationship ended only a short week before.  I saw this painting and felt like I will be okay (I mean he is just a boy, I know I’ll be okay).

I walked into this museum not knowing how or even if I will be changed but this one painting changed my whole outlook on my failed relationship.  It is spring, I can be who I want to be and I don’t need one guy to make me okay.  I can be okay on my own just like I was for the 19 years before him.  IMG_1073

The museum was filled with thousands of paintings and pictures and sculptures that could change anyones life and make anyone feel anyone.  This painting just happened to be the one for me.  Even though I did love the Flirtation sculpture of the banana and pear but come on, I love bananas (seriously, I wore ballet flats with bananas on them the other day).

Now I can go into this new chapter of my life with a new perspective and a new found understanding (somewhat love) of art.

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