Feeling Inspired

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my best friend and her brother and we talked about running and traveling because well that’s what he does.  He was pretty cool and we all talked about doing the Disney Half Marathon next year!

I am super pumped and excited to try to get to 13.1 miles (first the knee needs to get better) and to run in Disney!  We talked about how I usually do 3 mile runs as my go to.  With that base all I have to do is keep adding a little at a time.  Right now its 3, I can double that to 6, then add a couple more and then just keep adding a mile until I hit 13.1!

I actually ended up adding a mile to my run this morning and it ended up being 4.57 miles!  I’m really excited about having a goal and I’ll be sure to post different trails I find!

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