Midterms week got me like…

So I haven’t really done much this week because it is midterms week and I’m just trying to make it home on Friday!  BUT I want to keep posting on here so figured I would post some tips (not professional just personal) on how to make it through midterms (or any testing week) week!


This one might sound obvious but you would be surprised with how many people I have met while at college that don’t study through the week then wonder why they got a C (C’s get degrees?).  Seriously just buckle down and study some, especially as a freshman I know you can get cocky and decide to go to that hot guys party (because I’ve never done that haha…) instead, but study.  Even if you need to schedule it into your planner, do it! Turn off notifications pick up your textbook and get to it!

Use the Textbook

I know they’re expensive but seriously using the textbook helps so much more that reading it online or just reading the powerpoint’s.  You can highlight, put post it notes, dog ear pages, and really do whatever you want to help you remember.  And seriously there is so much more in the textbook than on the powerpoint and just because it’s not in the notes doesn’t mean it won’t be on the exam!

Organization is Your Best Friend

Have your planner on you at all times and when something comes into your mind about an exam or a professor mentions something, WRITE IT DOWN!  I know you think you’ll remember it later that day while studying, but you won’t and you don’t want to be that fool walking into the exam without the printed case study just because you didn’t write it into your planner.

Study Groups!

Like come on, everyone knows these help, just do it.  It’s so much easier to decipher why you’re using this long formula and for what while talking to others.  And this even goes back to the first week of classes, look at who you sit next to you and choose wisely.  Just because that boy is cute doesn’t mean he’s smart! Surround yourself with smart people that also want to do well in the class and make study groups with them!


Need to clear your mind, go for a run.  Mad that you can’t figure out that problem, go lift.  Seriously this helps so much to get your mind right and get started studying or even needing to destress and take a break from studying.  If your campus is in a safe area like mine, I love taking trips to the track at 11 at night while studying in the library to give myself a breather.  Just go do a quick run, get some sprints in and then you’ll be more motivated to finish studying and you’ll have a nice rush of adrenaline and endorphins to get you through the last few hours.

Look Towards Break

Just think about what you’re doing for break and once you’re done you get to have fun! For me, I just can’t wait to feel my boyfriends hug and see my dogs tail waging!  Just focus on something that will get you through the last week!

I hope this helped a bit!  Good luck to everyone stressing and don’t worry we’ll all make it through!  Just think about how great spring break will be and seeing your dogs happy face!

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