Week in Review 2/27/17 – 3/5/17

I’m currently writing this post while attempting to defrost in my boyfriends sweatshirt (best part about relationships) and under two blankets.  Why you ask? I just won the championships for intramural frisbee at school!!!! WOOHOO! I’m really excited because it is my first time playing an intramural sport but my brother, Mike (he’s a cool cat) always played in college and now I get to continue the Levy Legacy, just you know, like 700 miles away.

It was a pretty rad end to a pretty rad week.  I got to do a lot just like the other weeks I’ve been off the team.  I was in a video for the online paper at school showing off my friends house.  It was a cool video until they made me eat a raw onion, I did it for the shot!

Friday I did nothing but lay around in bed watching “Shameless” and texting my boyfriend how much I missed him (oooey gooey I know).  Then Saturday I went to both the men’s and women’s lacrosse (for the same sport they are so different) games at school.  I wrote about the men for the paper and I just wanted to cheer on my girls in their game!

After the women’s game I went on an adventure with another friend to find a place in town that didn’t have a wait totally out the door.  We really wanted Mexican but everything was so crowded!  Then I totally got us lost driving to another Mexican restaurant but thank you Ed (daddy) for getting me a car with GPS to get us back to town and to Mexican finally!

It was a fun girls night of just venting about guys and everyone basically (what else do girls do when they go out).  Then I went out and about for the night and got to make some new friends and reconnect with some more old ones (wow my mom always told me to be more social, who knew I just had to be a NARP to make friends).

Then today since I left my car at campus last night (I was being responsible!) and I had a meeting on campus today I just ran to campus for it.  Slight problem was I had to dress business professional for my meeting so I had to run with a bag of clothes.  But good thing I ran otherwise I wouldn’t of had clothes to play frisbee in!

Well now you know all about my week and I am a little less freezing.

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