We’re All the Same

Before you start thinking this post will get political (I’m really not a political person) I’ll let you know I mean artists, there’s no higher meaning here.

A Master’s class was held for the dance class my writing class is paired with today.  It was a dance company from New York City (represent!) that came down to go over dancing and interpretation and adaptation.

We started off by saying short descriptions of what we wanted to two dancers (the professional dancers) in the middle and they had to improv to what we were saying.  It was really interesting to see how we can say one thing and mean something but the dancer interpret our words in such a different way than we thought of but it still worked.  And how our one word helped form a whole story.

Then we split into two groups and did the same thing but had to base it off of one word.  My group did “Satisfied” and the other group did “nothing.”  Then when we finished with our two dancers we switched and watched the other groups story and then had to edit it to work with our word.  It was crazy to see how a whole dance can mean one word.

The two words are polar opposites so it was tough to change the stories to our words.  The way I saw it when the “satisfied” dance got changed to be “nothing” it looked like a relationship.  Every word means something different to everyone.  When I think of satisfied I immediately think of my boyfriends arms around me, to others it could mean a full stomach, and others could mean scoring the winning goal in the soccer match.  The point is it is different to everyone.

The dance was a very loving dance and first and then it got changed to the same movements but the two dancers were not touching.  To me it seemed like a relationship how when you’re together you feel satisfied but when you break up you don’t know anything other than the motions you’ve been going through so you keep doing them but they’re not there to be with you and go through the motions with you.

At the end we talked about the creative process for the dancers and while listening it was mind opening how we all go through the same process and edit our works the same way.  It is a different type of art but all art is the same.  We all create something out of nothing.  Us writers put words together to tell a story while dancers put movements together to show a story.  But it is all the same and it was the artist’s awakening moment every artist needs to be like wow art is art.  All art is equal and we can all appreciate others works and learn about each other.

Hopefully with this insight my next performance with my dancer will be better because we’ll be able to appreciate each other’s work a little bit more!  Until then, I need to figure out what I’m even writing about so wish me luck!

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