Hey everyone so this is a different type of post, I didn’t go out and go on an adventure, but yesterday was definitely an adventure to me.  I was able to do something I never thought I would be able to so I figured I would share it one here!

You’re probably like “so you going to tell us what?” Yes I am! I did a performance of my writing!  I am taking a creative nonfiction writing class this semester and we teamed up with dancers (yay conservatory school) for our pieces to have more depth with actual performers around it. My dancer is a super cool guy from Hawaii who is a great dancer!

Well my piece yesterday was on addiction and how it effects a child (deep right).  I was super nervous and thought I was going to walk off stage crying.  Good thing my dancer and some other dancers talked to me a bit and calmed me down.

Well I got on stage after a brief (long) pause and stood as far out of the light as possible!  My dancer killed it, but I tripped up on the second line.  I made it through fine, sneaking glances at my partner to stay calm by seeing a familiar face.

I was really nervous because we never practiced together and I didn’t know how my speaking and his dancing would line up.  It ended up lining up pretty well and I finished only about 20 seconds before him.

The whole class got there and got sent backstage and we all started freaking out a little bit because none of us knew it was a legit show and not just us presenting to our class.

I’ve never been one to read my writings out loud, especially not in a show so this was tough for me.  I’ve also always had anxiety so this was not my ideal setting.

But I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to get through the whole performance without a break down (it helped fuel a good workout later anyway).  Now it’s time to get ready for a creative happening so performance round two!

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