Okay I’ll admit when my friend told me their was a salsa night I got really excited thinking it was chips and salsa. Have I mentioned before I love food? Well I REALLY do (seriously ask my boyfriend where his money goes).

So I got really excited but my friend had to tell me it was salsa dancing, not the food. I still went because it’s a Saturday night and what else was I going to do?

This one was at a well known bar in town right on the walking mall and doubled as a fundraiser for the conservatory at school. Even though it was at a bar it was only 18+ (even though my friend thought I was 21 already) because it was held in the back room of the bar.

I was surprised in the back of how many people were actually there and how many actually knew how to salsa! We did not, we looked way out of place just moving our shoulders and not our hips (I swear I’m Puerto Rican, that dancing gene just seemed to of skipped out on me).

They did however play pop music too which we had fun to! I learned the wobble and we jammed hard to Usher’s Yeah.

We got there with only about 2 hours left of the event. At the end of the night my friends wanted to go to the main bar but they had a bouncer at the door to the main room and that is when my friend learned I’m only 20. My friends were cool with it and though and we just walked back to our other friends place to hang out there the rest of the night (playing Bloody Mary until 6:30 in the morning).

It was a fun night that I’ll definitely go to again but I think I need to learn to dance first!

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