A Week in Review 2/19/17- 2/26/17

And there goes another week!  It’s been a good one with lots of working out and meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends!

This week I ran almost everyday and most days I ran my friend Matt came along with me.  We also went to the gym a few times together.  It was nice having someone to just talk to while working out and growing closer together.

I also continued going to crossfit and damn, that got hard.  We did more intense work outs now that we’re getting more into it but it felt good.  My arms were actually shaking after the workout Thursday and I couldn’t even write afterwards from the shaking.  I like how I can compete against myself and the clock while doing crossfit because I do love competition but I think competition against the clock will be healthier for me than being on the field.

I did a lot of just hanging out with friends and going out, it was awesome because two weeks ago I wouldn’t of been able to do any of this while on lacrosse.  Especially everything I did this weekend and being able to go out with old friends.  It was really nice getting to talk to people I lost touch with because lacrosse got in the way.

I didn’t do much adventuring but beware in two weeks will be spring break and I’ll be back home with the boyfriend ready to go on hikes and exploring places all break!

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