Hydro Massages and Late Night Work Outs!

Tonight my friend Matt and I hit up Planet Fitness to start working out together.  We decided earlier today that we would start working out together this week (while we continued to walk 6 laps around the track).

I got a text from him asking to go (after I ate my weight in chips and salsa at dinner) and I was like “why not?”  We went with me using his guest pass which is actually really cool that they have (come on NYSC).

They were all super friendly at the Planet Fitness and everything was so organized and put together.  It was a super welcoming space where I felt comfortable but as my boyfriend said (ah boyfriends always knowing their girlfriends thoughts) it wasn’t the place for me, at least not when I do work outs alone and solely for one reason and one reason only, the racks.  I want a rack that I can do more on, not being restricted by the assistance part.  If they changed that one part I’d buy a membership in a heart beat (okay maybe not because there’s none back home).

The real zinger though to get people to come is those hydro massages!  That was the best thing ever!  Who needs to roll themselves out (like a foam roller) when they have hydro massages to do it for you (and more relaxing)!  The Hydro massage was basically like sitting in the massage chairs at Brookstone but better! And I guess it uses water to massage, assuming from the name.

Even though it doesn’t have the racks I want, I’ll be back often to workout with my friend to keep us both in check (and really I want more hydro massages).

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