Why is everyone so scared to talk about their vaginas? Well the girls in this performance sure weren’t! 

The vagina monologues is probably my favorite performance to go to every year. It’s a show about why women shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of themselves and their vaginas, it’s a part of who they are. Not just a part but it IS who they are. 

The monologues is a nationwide performance that anyone can put on. The monologues are based off of real women and their experiences with their vaginas and who they are. 

My school is a conservatory school, which is awesome because there’s always some performance going on, either a ballet or a musical or play, really anything! Well the great thing about this one is it isn’t run through the conservatory so anyone can be in it and you get to see the diversity in the school and just how many women are passionate about the topic and want to be a part of the performance. There was everyone in it from the conservatory kids to the athletes and if you know my school you know that that is as far as it can go!

I went with two of my friends at school who are just as open and crazy as me. We had a good time but we were still too shy to yell cunt and dance with everyone else. 

I love the vagina monologues and everything they stand for but the biggest problem with it is, is it’s not reaching the audience it needs to reach. Every year it’s the same people going to the show, all of us who are comfortable with our sexuality and body. There’s so many people scared to go on campus that it is saddening really. Even people who claim to be in touch with their sexuality but can’t even say vagina. Girls AND boys need to learn that all it is is another part of the human anotomy! There’s nothing scary about it! 

My high school was so open (hello liberal New England prep schools) that I never realized that people really did act weird about sex and vaginas. Until I got to college I never got ridiculed for talking the way I did, it was a common topic in my high school. But now being in a totally different part of the country I learned that women really should feel empowered by themselves and should be able to learn everything they can about themselves. 

If anyone ever sees a vagina monologues taking place near them, they should really go. Plus the proceeds go to the local women’s shelters which is always a bonus! But really if someone is in need of a learning and understanding of why and how you feel about yourself and vagina no sexuality, take them to the Vagina Monologues. 

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