Bear’s Den Hike

img_0832-2The best part about this school? Once you go out of town a bit you can see mountains for miles and there’s hike galore! This time my friend, Emily and I drove 20 minutes up route img_08487 until we hit the Bear’s Den trail.  It’s a known trail around here and most people have done it (literally half the school went on the same day because of the warmth) and it’s pretty short and easy, especially if you take the short cut.

At the beginning you can choose to either go on the easy path that’s straight to the viewpoints or choose the other way that’s a little more “naturey.”  We chose the nature walk! On the nature walk there is another fork in the trail and we went to the right instead of left, and I don’t really know what the difference is but they both bring you to the same point.img_0833-2

We made it up in about 15 minutes even with me stopping to take pictures. It was a pretty simple trail easy enough for anyone to do! And neither of us fell or almost died (really this happens a lot)!

At the top there was more little trails to check out the view and a ton of rocks to climb on!  img_0837We climbed around on the rocks for a bit (I almost got bit by a second dog of the day) checking out the views until we img_0855came to a nice spot to sit and enjoy our Girl Scout Cookies.  We sat for a few minutes chowing down on cookies (my life really does revolve around food) then got up and took the short cut back.  The short cut was quick and only took about 5 minutes.  It was a clear gravel path that was easy for people to bring strollers up with kids.

This was a cool easy trail to do on a lazy weekend while the weather is nice.  I do like the harder more intense trails better but the views of the valley were incredible and every view in the valley is different, guess I’ll just need to check them all out!

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