A Week in Review 2/12/17-2/19/17

Hey guys so since I’m on here more I’m going to start doing a weekly review/reflection! I figured I’m about to embark on a whole new journey in life, why not share it outside of my journal!? 

This new journey I speak of is me really going out and in a way finding myself in a whole new life. I haven’t gone a day since second grade without being labeled as a lacrosse player. No matter what I say, lacrosse was and always will be a huge part of me and who I am. BUT I’m no longer on the team as of a week ago so now I’m filling the part of me with everything else I’ve always wanted to be and do. 

Now I can go out and be with my friends and not need to worry about missing practice or not wanting to eat those pretzel nuggets (seriously I just really love Auntie Ann’s) before practice. 

I do love being a NARP but I don’t just want to sit around all day for those 3 hours all of my friends are still at practice. I actually want to do something and be someone, I didn’t leave the team just in vain. 

So here I am making friends and going on adventures and just being a normal college kid for once in my life. Here’s to me and everything I can be. 

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