Crossfit Day 2!

I went to my second day of crossfit tonight!  It was still a lot of the basics but we incorporated weights this time!

I enjoyed it a lot again and this time there was another girl there (yay girls)! We also did some competitive stuff which was great for me, just getting off a sports team I really need some competition to keep me going!

We used the Assault bikes today also during the workout and to my surprise were really hard.  I got on being all cocky like oh I did a 50 mile bike ride this shit will be easy…WRONG!  Those bikes are so fucking hard with the resistance and the arm things move and knock into my chest the whole time and it still hurts!  I think I’ll stick to road bikes thank you very much!

Even though the assault bikes killed me, I still really liked it and look forward to continuing through this door of possibilities that has recently been opened for me!

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