Cross fit day 1!

As I mentioned before I’m newly a NARP (non athletic regular person). This only happened a few days ago and the first thing my mother said when I told her I’m off the lacrosse team is “you like food, you’re going to get fat.” So to stay skinny (and in my mothers good graces) I’m starting to do more training. 

Right now is hard because I messed up my knee while training for lacrosse so I can’t run too much BUT my boyfriend fixed that problem with my Valentine’s Day present today. He bought me a bike! Isn’t he the sweetest! 

But enough mushy stuff. Well crossfit seemed to know exactly when I’d be done with lacrosse and offer a college crossfit program the week afterwards! Good timing crossfit gods! 

I signed up for the class and today was the first one!  We didn’t do much today because it was the first day but I liked it! I’ve always liked lifting for lacrosse so I think this will be good for me! And then my mom will get off my case about my weight (I’m sorry but chocolate is life). 

It was a good class and to my surprise someone in my freshman year dorm is the instructor. Like I’m sorry for anything I did freshman year, I was a dumb kid I swear I’ve grown up just a bit!

I hope I get jacked and hopefully it’ll help me train on the bike too! I’ve found a whole new world of possibilities in the same town just from breaking free of lacrosse. Once again, I’m loving NARP life and I never want to go back!

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