Maryland Heights Hike (or so we thought)

This weekend my boyfriend (Max) and his friend came down to visit.  We decided to take advantage of this unseasonably warm weekend in February and go for a hike!  My friend posted on snapchat her and her friends hiking so I texted them asking where they went.  They went to the Maryland Heights trail over looking Harpers Ferry.  I’ve heard about this hike from many people so we decided to give it a try!

It was easy to get directions, we just searched “Maryland Heights Harpers Ferry” on google and the address popped up.  We put it in the GPS and drove the hour there.  It was an easy drive with a narrow winding road to end it.  We found a spot in the second parking area.

Instead of walking the quarter mile down the road to go up the trail everyone was already on we decided to take a short cut (maybe a good idea, maybe a bad idea).  We saw a little foot path going up the side of the mountain that we thought connected to the main trail.  We thought wrong.  This trail ended up going straight up the side of the mountain.  It had some great view points but if you’re not the most athletic and nimble person I wouldn’t go for it.  My boyfriend ended up slipping on the side of the mountain once and I thought he was a goner (that’d be a traumatic first relationship).

The boyfriend and I at the top

We made it up to the top that we assume to be a locals spot.  There was a shelter roof built between trees with branches.  A really well put together fire pit and bones of someone’s game.

We got up there right before sunset and watched the sun glow over the rushing river.  We sat and chilled there for a bit taking in the view and not wanting to start the journey straight down the side of a mountain.  Until we saw kids climbing up no problem and felt incompetent in our big kid hiking skills.  We started down trying not to slide on the fallen leaves.  We tried to follow the little stream down a bit but realized it was a little steep even though Max kept trudging along and almost died again.  He climbed down the side of these big rocks with us below telling him where to place his feet.

By Max almost dying we found these cool little caves in the side of the a rock.  The caves were tiny and looked as if they housed the bats so I tried to stay clear of those!

Bat cave!

We finally got down the mountain back to my car to make the journey back to Winchester!  It was an eventful hike and even though I don’t know what the hike actually was it was worth the trip!


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