Mall Adventure!

Even though I didn’t go to a new spot or somewhere cool I did hit up the mall tonight with some friends and everything’s an adventure with my big (Emily) and I! 

We went so my other friend and I could do our marketing project of observing people at the mall (if you saw us, I swear we’re not creeps, just trying to get that A). Chose the mall just to get Auntie Ann’s. Seriously, that’s all we care about, all we want are our Auntie Ann’s pretzels. And while stuffing our face some townies called us all beautiful and my response being “our boyfriends tell us that all day.” Not my greatest comeback but I think I got my point across. 

After she left Emily and I decided to adventure around the mall for a bit. We rode in the kiddie car ride for a bit and barely fit in it, we had to turn sideways and keep our legs outside. Even doing that we couldn’t turn the wheel because my thighs were in the way (I’ve been told they’re pretty big)!  

I also found a Batman figurine in FYE that was much bigger than me but I was really tempted to buy him for my mom but sadly my credit card has a limit (plus let’s be real, all my money really goes to Auntie Ann’s). 

Then we decided to walk around like weirdos kicking our legs up in front of us as we walked. Did some ballet in front of Zales (where I also searched for a black diamond ring) then put my hood up and walked around making noises. 

We ended the mall adventure by making two guys who have in the past “talked” to Emily feel awkward (I felt the most awkward). They both work in the same store together and of course she dragged me in to go shopping there just to make them feel awakward and that is why she is my queen of pettiness (something I have yet to learn to do). 

Now that I’m no longer on the lacrosse team, I’m glad to have friends to be able to do goofy stuff with during the week so I don’t spend all my extra time alone. Goodbye athlete life, hello NARP life! 

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