CMA Day 2

“You gotta have guts” but don’t be a dick.  Professionalism goes a long way.  Journalism can transcribe to to PR. You need energy to broadcast.  You have to have foundation.  Just a few of the great things I learned my second day at the CMA convention.


I loaded the beginning of the day with more sports journalism sessions and to my surprise they had a lot focused on the greatest sport around, hockey!  Former Director of Communications for the NHL lead the first session and I almost lost it.  Dream job right there.

Between the first and second I actually made friends (yeah me, little awkward Rachie).  The guys were really nice and wanted to take my friends and I out (sorry we all have boyfriends) and show us the Atlanta life.  But I didn’t see them again because I went to less sport intensive sessions in the afternoon.


The two sessions that were really eye opening and put my mind to ease a bit about the future were “But I don’t want to be a journalist” and “How to build your PR career.”  I love journalism but I’m not exactly sure if it’s my future and the first session showed us how all the skills we learned on the paper can be beneficial in so many different job fields we’re pursuing.  After all, it is always a good thing to know how to write (seriously some people in college don’t know what a sentence is).  It’s good to know I can have a career in something other than journalism.

At school I have been studying PR and doing PR for groups on campus but we (unlike other schools I found out today) do not have a specific PR major.  We just have mass communications which encompasses everything but nothing specific.  The speaker talked about how it’s okay and journalism is a great start for PR and we’ll use the same skills.


After everything I hit the gym (grind never stops) which had free fruit! So I know where I’m going for free breakfast in the morning!  Then the girls and I went to find food and ended up at Cuts and steakhouse.  It was pretty good and put a pretty large dent in my credit card (sorry mom).   We also walked through my favorite place again, the Olympic Park!

All that’s left for the day is the midnight snack which is actually at 10PM.  It’s cereal and milk but I guess I’ll stick to just cereal so my lactose intolerant self can actually sleep without crying of pain tonight.

We’re ready for day three but don’t want to go home to (cold) Virginia yet!


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