Lions in the Valley

When I decided to come to school in the Shenandoah Valley, I didn’t think there was much here except hillbillies, fried food, and hunting.  Three things I was not accustomed to.  That still is all I really see but apparently there are lions here too!


My friends and I went to Wilson’s Wild Animal Park right here in Winchester!  Who knew you could have African animals chilling here in the cold valley.  We certainly did not!  And we’re still questioning it.

They did do a fantastic job of decorating for the season, I’ll give them that.  And somehow got their hands on some non-native species.  They had an array of animals, from pigs and deer, to bengal tigers and lions and a lone zebra.


With so many animals they were lacking in specialists.  And structure.  When we went to the man at the desk to tell him about a hole in the pig enclosure, he replied by saying the piglets get out all of the time but go back in.  They’re right next to the lions and tigers, maybe that should be fixed.

It was fun however being able to feed the goats and deer.  With little feeding stations with food available for 25 cents it made the experience enjoyable for people and animals together.  Little kids get to play with animals and the animals get human interaction.

Even if it was a little bit sketchy and questionable it was still a fun experience getting out of the town environment and moving to the more rural area a few miles down.

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