CMA Conference Day 1

Two other girls on the school paper and I got chosen to come down to the College Media Association Convention in Atlanta, GA.  Yesterday we took the flight down from Dulles to here.  Which was an adventure in itself with it being the first time on a plane for one girl and the other having plane anxiety.  But we all made it alive!



Today we started going to the actual convention and break out sessions.  I got to go to a lot of sports journalism sessions which was pretty awesome considering that’s what I do.

We quickly learned that many schools here are big, much bigger than our little Shenandoah.  In the first session people were talking about how they go to these big SEC schools and then there’s us.  But we’re all journalists here, even if they have real sports at their school!

The speakers here are wonderful.  The sports journalists are living the life I dreamed of living as a child.  Working for big companies, covering lacrosse and hockey, writing when they want to.  And they have so much knowledge about all things sports, like how do you remember who won each World Series and what game that guy broke his hand in? Incredible!


This conference opened up a whole other world of possibilities.  Study abroad and focus on music journalism? Sign me up!  We’re learning how to better ourselves and finding more opportunities for us while connecting to schools in a whole different world than us (or division).


Not only did I get to look into the life of my sports journalism dream but I got to live my other childhood dream of being in the Olympics (sort of).  The Centennial Olympic park is only .4 miles away from our hotel and me being the athlete I am decided to go for a run after the conference.  So where else to go for a run than the Olympic Park! Definitely pretended to be racing Usain Bolt at one point and day dreamed about George Hincapie (thanks to the boyfriend for getting me into cycling) being there.




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