I Guess This is Growing Up

What could be better than going to the land of chocolate? Going to the land of chocolate AND getting to see some of the best pop punk bands in the scene!  One of which help defined pop punk as a genre and brought it to the limelight. August 27th I got to go to Hershey Park to see All Time Low, A Day to Remember, and Blink 182 perform.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day but let me say few could even compare to this one.  Most pop punk concerts now are a lot of middle schoolers and high schoolers (looking at you Warped).  Not saying there is anything wrong with that, but the younger they are the more rambunctious they tend to get and the more crowd surfers and better yet dropped crowd surfers there are.  I’m happy the genre that helped shape my youth is reaching the younger generations to keep it going (Pop Punks Not Dead).  Sometimes concerts can just be a little more fun with people your own age or even older.

I ended up going alone because the girl I was supposed to go with dropped out.  Yes I know parents, a tiny girl shouldn’t be going to unknown places by herself but no way was I giving up this ticket.  Good thing while at the concert I met a group of mid-twenty year olds to hang out with!  They took me in as there own and we stayed together and danced together all night long.

ATLThe show itself was amazing.  DJ Spider was great at getting the dancing and partying started.  The party kept going all night with All Time Low opening up for the bands.  They played a solid set with some good throwbacks in it.  Really you can never go wrong with Dear Maria and Weightless, those ARE the 2000s.

Next up, my all time favorite band, A Day to Remember!  Played some new songs from their then upcoming album Bad Vibrations.  But still stuck to their roots and played some old ones that that put their names in the books.  And as always, they brought out the hamster ball for Jeremy McKinnon to run through the crowd on and I’m happy to say that after years of trying to touch the ball while he ran it, I can finally say I have.

Last up, after many years and a slight change in band members, Blink 182!  My middle school self would be so proud of me for seeing them.  They did do many new songs but they still had some pop punk classics in there with All the Small Things, Dammit, and What’s My Age Again?.

These bands put on a show that the punk gods would be proud of.  Filling up the stadium at Hershey Park.  Everyone seemed to have a blast, until we all had to attempt to get out of the parking lot.  Which took an hour so yeah I didn’t get home until three in the morning but it was so worth it.



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