Hike of the Week!

June 18th, 2016

My friend, Max and I traveled out to the highest point in the Hudson Highlands, Mount Beacon!  This mountain trail is rich with history. The newly renovated fire tower at the top having incredible views of the hudson valley area.  A casino that burned down near the top with more incredible views of the area.  And an old railway incline falling to pieces.  This is a hike everyone in the Hudson Valley should do once.

At the top of the tower

The hike up was definitely a struggle.  It was all uphill a fire trail with loose rocks making it even harder to get our grip.  There wasn’t much to climb up but it was also just all uphill. We did stop at an area mountain bikers can have fun riding on.  It was a nice little area to just sit and relax for a minute before finishing the hike up.


We finally made it to the top and climbed up the old fire tower.  The views were incredible and you could see the sister tower at Ninham in Carmel.  The top of the tower was pretty windy and decorated with the names of people who came before.  And I might’ve followed the person to put their tumblr URL.


On the way down we took a little different root and went to the burned down casino.  Then followed the old railway down.  Following the railway was super steep.  I kept catching myself on trees to slow myself down.

The top of the old railway we followed down

Overall it was a nice hike, had some amazing views and wasn’t too intense.  We did it pretty fast, even stopping in places to take pictures and enjoy the view.  We didn’t go until almost nighttime and still got back down before it was dark, so it’s not an all day hike. Just a fun hike to do when you have some time.  It’s a hike anybody can do and everybody should do.


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